Wamba, from the Ga language and people of Ghana, West Africa means "we have come", "we are here", or "we have arrived."  

Wamba, the realization of a vision shared by a Ghanian dancer and drummer Richard Mensah Sokpor and multi-instrumentalist Adam Carpinelli, was formed in 2011.  The five to ten piece ensemble band, with members from Ghana and North America, features original compositions with syncopated and polyrhythmic West African percussion breaks and extended improvisation. 

In addition to traditional Ghanian rhythms, Wamba has influences including other traditional music from Africa and the world such as Afrobeat, Afrojazz, Latin, Funk, Calypso, Salsa, Afro-Cuban, Reggae, Soca, Samba, funk, soul, highlife, juju, mbalax and more. Wamba is available for parties, functions, festivals, and clubs. For more information click here.



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Wamba mix traditional West African rhythms with Jazz, Funk, and Afrobeat styles into innovative, original compositions. 


Wamba had played in several venues, theaters and festivals. Here you can watch some videos. 


Wamba is available for parties, functions, festivals, and clubs. Click the link below If you want to know more

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