About Us 

   Wamba is a contemporary African music project formed in 2011 and is based in Portland, Oregon. Wamba features heavy African percussion breaks and extended improvisation, traditional African songs and original compositions. Wamba mixes traditional rhythms from Ghana, West Africa with Jazz, Funk, Afro-beat, highlife and Latin styles.  Band members from Ghana and the U.S. complete a five to ten piece band featuring master drummer Nii Ayi Armah from Ghana.  The band consists of vocals, African percussion, guitar, bass, drumset and horns.    

Wamba is available for various functions, parties, festivals and club dates. (Wamba_Floor_Plan)

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Band Members 

Percussion & vocals - Nii Ayi Armah
Guitar & percussion - Adam Carpinelli
Electric Bass - Wilson Carr
Drumset - Josh Conneran
Tenor Sax - Malcom Lewis
Trombone, conch shells, steel pan, percussion - Terry Baber